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Airbnb & VRBO Cleaning and maintenance  Services

We don’t only clean, but we also keep your home safe and functional through our management and maintenance services are the #1 Airbnb cleaning and maintenance company in town. Our disinfectants are EPA-certified and FDA-approved .

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-Modern Cleaning-

Get Your Home Ready For the Next Guest.

We know there’s a lot to think about when you’re running a rental property. Sometimes your time is better spent managing the property than cleaning it. That’s why we’ve got you covered! Our team can clean, fix beds, sweep, mop, vacuum carpets, change light bulbs, do laundry, and more—all while saving your vacation rental from a missed booking.



-Modern Cleaning-

Why Us?


Deep Cleaning Done Right

We provide a deep clean every 3 to 6 months. We will do a thorough walk-through of your property, including cleaning the inside of fridge, checking for damages, and changing any light bulbs that need to be replaced, and any handy man services.


Clean like a pro with Airbnb Cleaning

We will fix beds, clean dishes, sweep and mop floors, vacuum carpets and rugs, clean toilets, bathtubs, and showers, wipe down the fridge, take out the trash and garbage, and many more for your vacation rental cleaning service.


Turnover without the hassle.

 Don’t waste time and money on an Airbnb or Vrbo turn-over. Modern Cleaning Co will handle it for you, with a team of professionals  and the right equipment, we’ll make sure the property is ready to rent again in no time at all.We are #1 vacation rental turnover cleaning service in town.


Our disinfectants are EPA-certified and FDA-approved .

With Modern Cleaning Co, you’ll never have to worry about the health of your family or pets. That’s because we use eco-friendly materials for carpet cleaning in order to protect them from hazardous chemicals. NO other Airbnb cleaning company use the same materials. Our disinfectants are EPA-certified and FDA-approved .

-Modern Cleaning-

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